Kho Kho Training

Kho Kho Training: Every sports requires a special set of workout to grow endurance and ability of players. Not only workout but professional players should keep a check on his/her eating habits too. In many cases we have seen players under influence of drugs or cigarettes which in long run effect their performance by weakening them from inside.  Even great sport players have admitted quitting all bad habits which were hampering their stamina. Nothing comes free and they trained hard to be where they are right now. So for long term you not only have to focus on training but your eating habits too.

Every game has specific set of workout which helps them give focus on that particular part of body which needs more and more strength. Like in swimming player focuses on their hand , calves and leg strength building same way in Game Kho Kho each player needs to focus building strength of their ab-domain, legs, hands and thighs. The more you work out the more your body needs energy and the more you eat.

There is nothing called excess of workout. Do as much workout you want, what ever time you want but always take proper rest. Famous player Michael Phelps broke the law that one should work out specific sets by working out multiple sets each day.

For Kho Kho Training of a player so that he performs well and fast , following variables are kept in mind :

  1.  Leg and Arm strength
  2. Running speed and Reaction time
  3. Endurance

Kho Kho Training  is discussed below :

  • Push Ups : Kho Kho players must do push-ups everyday , Push ups helps in growing strength of Arms.
    Push Ups kho kho training
  • Shuttle Run : It helps agility
  • Harvard Step : It helps in increasing endurance of cardiovascular
    Harvard Step Kho Kho training
  • Bent Knee sit ups : It help in increasing strength of Abdomen.
    Bent Knee Sit Ups Kho Kho training
  • Standing Broad Jump : It makes your leg stronger and increases muscle strength.
    Broad Jump Kho Kho training
  • Half Squat Jump : Builds leg muscle endurance
    Half Squat Jump kho kho training
  • Squat Thrust : Helps in Agility and coordination.